IVR (interactive Voice Recognition) Autobook - is a booking system which will despatch our first available taxi to the address associated to a known landline phone number activated by the customer. Simply using the option of pressing a number instead of talking to an operator.

(This priority booking system cannot be used with "withheld" landline number or mobile phones at present.)

Ringback - is a procedure used to ring back a landline or mobile phone number. The requested number will ring twice when our taxi arrives or is about to arrive.

Mobiles can be programmed "Blue Line Taxi here" to the saved number 01226 244444 which will activate upon our vehcile arrival.

Freephones - Most of Barnsleys major supermarkets, hotels and shopping centres (Wilkinsons) have Blue Line Taxi freephones with simple operating instructions. Priority is given to customers who use these phones.